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winamp = music

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Nullsoft company gave the world an iconic player Winamp, which has been successfully used for many years by millions of users. It all started in the 1997th, then released as a free player software for PC. Since then, 15 years have passed, and Winamp seriously evolved technically and stylistically.

The program is designed to play various multimedia files and streaming in the Microsoft. Winamp supports plugins their own and others, as well as a variety of playback formats. The new version of the player appears engine that allows you to use the skins. It was implemented as a handy feature crossfade, through which a smooth transition between tracks. Huge set of skins, allows the user to choose the most favorite ones and enjoy not only listening to music, but also the appearance of the player. With version 2.81 for the user to open the possibility of video playback. With each new version improves the functional player and adds various new items. For example, the latest version of Winamp now has a streaming media files. You can use it to watch TV and listen the radio in real time.

For convenience, the producers were invented a special hotkey pressing which can perform various tasks. With version 5.2, manufacturers have established support device sync iPod. Thus, further empower Winamp.

This means that the user will not see more new updates will be satisfied with the player and the latest version of Winamp. Few years is the closing of the project will not affect the extent of the use of the player. But after a long time, technology will step forward and user requirements increase significantly, and that's when the popularity of Winamp will plummet.

However, such a gradual decline in popularity only confirms the fact that this project has been very successful, because if the project was not so famous, and it is close to the current popularity quickly fell.

Winamp - gave us the opportunity to listen to audio and video files, as well as create your mood by a great choice of skins. This program has a lot of pros and very few cons, but in today's virtual world has become a classic player.